TUESDAY, Oct 24th, 5:30 a.m., meet at Erie Elementary for a workout on the

We will do a classic VO2 max workout. Warm up then:

5 – 7 x 800 (2 laps) at your current 2 mile race pace.

Rest = work or 3 minutes, whichever comes first.

Your 2 mile race pace is ABOUT 10-15 seconds faster than your current 5k
race pace per mile.

For the recovery, you’ll do a light jog for the same amount of time as
your fast repeat, or 3 minutes, whichever comes first. For many of you, 3
minutes will come first. 🙂

5 – 10 minute cool down at the end.

THURSDAY, Oct 26th, 5:30 a.m., meet in the Vista Point sub-division.

Warm up, then:

3 – 4 x 1 mile on a rolling hill loop

This will be done at “tempo by feel” pace. Basically you are working at
“controlled hard work” pace or about your 1 hour hard race pace. But since
the repeat is rolling you will need to tune into your body and run by feel
more than on your watch.

60 seconds recovery between each.

SATURDAY, Oct 28th, 7:15 a.m. Meet at Erie Middle School.

The Eerie Erie 5k and 10k races are happening. Come and race or just join
the team for a run beforehand.